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The length and quality of your employees’ sleep directly affect their health, happiness and effectiveness at work. New studies demonstrate the importance of sleep and the potential inherent in dreams. These studies also change the way organizations operate. In the past, taking a nap at work was considered lazy, but today Google, Samsung, Ben & Jerry’s, NASA and other large organizations create special sleeping spaces for employees and you can be sure there is a good reason for this. Nowadays, when many people work from home, there is no need to build special sleep spaces; all we have to do is change our approach. As we know, every change starts with awareness and this is why I created a variety of lectures on the fascinating topics of sleep and dreams for organizations.

Creating a Dream Team

This team workshop, on the fascinating subject of dreams, is intended to deepen your knowledge about dreams and brings teams members together. During this unique workshop we will get to know our co-workers from a completely new place. Through various exercises, we’ll hear about our friends’ sleep and dreams and discover what we have in common in the dream world and the waking world. The workshop will provide participants with simple tools that will help them gain a better understanding of their dream world, enjoy the potential inherent in it, and uncover the motivation to do this. Additionally, we learn about lucid dreams and hear stories about solving creative problems while dreaming.

Length: two and a half hours

Location: at the organization’s offices, in nature or online

The Power of the Lucid Dream

We all dream, some of us remember our dreams; some of us know we are dreaming while we are in a dream. This amazing phenomenon, which 50% of the population experiences naturally, is called lucid dreaming and was scientifically proven in the mid-1970s. The ability to learn how to dream lucidly exists in every one of us and is possible every time we go to sleep. In this fascinating lecture we will dive into the world of lucid dreams and their potential to influence our waking lives, we will discover the latest innovative research in this field and learn basic techniques for achieving lucidity.

Length: an hour and a half

Location: at the organization’s offices or online

Getting Unstuck and Experiencing Creativity While Sleeping

Sometimes we feel stuck, whether it’s with a task at work or an important decision in our lives. It seems like we have already thought of every possible solution but nothing works. Then night comes. We go to sleep and something happens. The next day, we wake up with a new creative solution. A third of our lives are spent sleeping. In other words, we spend an average of 25 years sleeping, which for most of us is a state similar to losing consciousness or wasting time. What really happens to us while we sleep and how can we use this time to improve our levels of creativity? The periodic table, the sewing machine and many other ideas first appeared in dreams. In this lecture we will learn how to harness sleep and dreams to deal with problems in waking life.

Length: one hour

Location: at the organization’s offices or online

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