Lucid Dreaming Training

Discover a gateway to a world without borders or rules. A perfect fantasy world where you can experience anything.

A lucid dream is a special kind of dream. It is unique in the sense that during the dream we are aware of the fact that we experiencing it! This incredible awareness allows us access to a world without limits.

A lucid dream is a perfect imagined reality in which you can do anything you can imagine and is also a lot of fun. In this world, you can experience ultimate freedom and infinite power, as well as explore your subconscious. During this process, you can meet and deal with situations that challenge you in waking life and undergo self-therapy. A lucid dream is an altered state of consciousness that creates a gateway to spiritual development.

Working with lucid dreams, I offer private sessions which include a personally tailored training process. During the training you will learn how to befriend your dream world and reveal its illusion. Together, we will map out this dream world and discover which techniques are most suited to you. Between sessions, you can practice what we learned and observe your progress. During each session we make changes following your experience and address questions and challenges that may arise.

Among the topics we will address:



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