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A Gateway to Lucid Dreaming

I invite you to upgrade your connection with your dream world and discover a gateway to another state of consciousness. In this intimate workshop, we will embark on a joint journey of inquiry in regard to your dreams and the enormous potential inherent in them. Together we will learn, share and practice working with dreams and lucid dreaming techniques.

Length: six sessions

Location: Online via Zoom

A Free Lucid Dreamers Meeting

This is a fun session, suitable for beginners and veterans in the world of lucid dreaming as well as for people interested in the topic who have not yet experienced a lucid dream. This meeting is intended to create a safe, pleasant and supportive space. At the meeting, we will share and hear experiences from dreamers who want to achieve various states of awareness while dreaming. The meeting is not academic, but also includes an opportunity to ask me questions. The meeting is held in Hebrew.

Length: an hour and fifteen minutes

Location: Online via Zoom

A Nighttime Lucid Dreaming Session

Imagine a unique space created especially for you. A place where you can do anything you set your mind to and experience a wonderful world created entirely out of magic. This world is available to you every night when you go to sleep. In order to enter into such an experience it is highly recommended to wake up after 4.5 hours of sleep and practice a technique called WBTB.

Length: 23:00 to 04:10

Platform: WhatsApp

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