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During our lives about 25 years will pass in sleep and will experience about 150,000 dreams. Dreaming is one of the most fascinating phenomena that we experience and there are many and varied theories on why we dream. What is clear is that the quality of our sleep and a good relationship with our dreams are keys to a fuller, more creative and more interesting life. Most people who explore dreams are invested in the analysis and interpretation of dream content and hidden messages. But there is another perspective on dreams which regards them as an alternative state of consciousness. I am happy to offer fascinating lectures and workshops on sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming. All of the workshops and lectures combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

A Gateway to Lucid Dreaming in Pardes Hanna

Every night, we all experience journeys in our dream world. In this world, we can fly to new and unfamiliar realms, meet our true selves – freed from the shackles of the physical world and have life-changing experiences.

Length: 6 three hour sessions

Location: A pleasant workshop space in Pardes Hanna

Personalized lectures for groups and communities:

There are No Bad Dreams

Throughout life, from childhood to old age, almost all of us experience nightmares. The difference is in the frequency and intensity with which we experience them. There is no doubt that a nightmare is not a pleasant experience, but is a nightmare necessarily a bad thing that should be avoided? Can a nightmare be a valuable experience? There is an opportunity that arises when we experience a dream that evokes strong emotion. In this workshop we will learn what we can do with our nightmares in order to experience personal development and let them go.

Length: an hour and a half

Location: a house/rented space or online

Remembering our Dreams

To enjoy the creativity of our dreams and all the gifts they have to offer, a first and basic condition is to remember our dreams. What affects our ability to remember dreams? How can we improve dream memory? What is the best way for us to record dreams? And what do we do once we’ve recorded them? After this lecture, you will come away motivated to start a beneficial relationship with your dream world. This process will enrich your lives and turn your nights into a recurring adventure.

Length: two hours

Location: a house/rented space or online

The Power of the Lucid Dream

We all dream, some of us remember our dreams; some of us know we are dreaming while we are in a dream. This amazing phenomenon, which 50% of the population experiences naturally, is called lucid dreaming and was scientifically proven in the mid-1970s. The ability to learn how to dream lucidly exists in every one of us and is possible every time we go to sleep. In this fascinating lecture we will dive into the world of lucid dreams and their potential to influence our waking lives, we will discover the latest innovative research in this field and learn basic techniques for achieving lucidity.

Length: an hour and a half

Location: at the organization’s offices or online

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