Individual Therapy

The combination of talk therapy, focusing on body sensations and working with dreams allows for a journey that bypasses the mind on the way to experiencing personal growth, and a connection to our inner world.

We all feel stuck sometimes and experience fears and patterns that hold us back and prevent us from experiencing life to the fullest. Integrated dream therapy is intended for individuals who wish to start on a path of personal development, discover their inner world, and address issues holding them back.

The unique combination of talk therapy, focusing on body sensations and working with dreams, enables a personal journey leading to personal growth and a connection with our inner world. This process includes working with all types of dreams and lucid dreaming coaching (according to the patient’s wishes and suitability). At the end of the process, patients gain a new type of access to the fascinating world of dreams and tools to continue working with dreams on their own.

My therapeutic approach integrates a variety of tools, body psychotherapy, focusing, dream work, lucid dream therapy (LTD), differentiation-based therapy, inner child work, family constellation and more.

Couples Differentiation-Based Therapy

Couples differentiation-based therapy encourages taking responsibility for personal relationships and supports a process of mature development and growth.

The couples therapy I offer, is based on an innovative and unique approach,  supporting our ability to remain connected to ourselves, when we encounter our partner’s desires and needs. I also use body- oriented tools and presence techniques in this process. In cases where it suits the couple, work with dreams related to their relationship is integrated as well.

Our level of differentiation determines if we manage to stay true to ourselves within our relationships, in the face of pressures from our partner or our environment. When our level of differentiation increases, we feel fulfilled within the relationship and enjoy an experience of true authenticity. Couples differentiation-based therapy offers the possibility of taking responsibility for the difficulties we experience in our relationships and, as a result, experience personal development, growth and maturity. This is a process that requires courage and willingness to examine our lives truthfully, hence its power to lead to results and change.

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